Gary & Lisa Gay 8/18/2017

Stewart Family Pools,
My husband and I moved to the Jasper area December 2013. When we bought our home, we started talking about getting a pool. Someone told us to check here or there. When we started trying to find one of the places, we happened upon Stewart Family Pool Center. We went in and talked to Alicia. We told her what we were looking to do and she gave us and a price and said she and her husband Clint would come talk to us.
The Stewart’s came to our home one evening and we talked about an above-ground pool. Showed them the spot we were thinking of putting it. They worked up a contract for us and the price was great! My husband and Clint talked about a date to install the pool. I believe it was the following weekend.
On Saturday morning, Clint, both daughters (Emily and Carly), and Carly’s boyfriend Justin, along with Clint’s dad came. It was truly a family affair. This family worked like a well oiled machine. They were courteous and considerate of our property. After preparing the ground, the pool started going up! I was so excited. By the end of the day, the pool was up, the mess cleaned and we were now homeowners with a pool.
Thank you to the Stewart Family for your faith in God, your willingness to work endless, and to be kind and courteous to your clients. I highly recommend Stewart Family Pool Center to anyone asking! This faith-based company is an awesome business and Jasper, Alabama is fortunate to have them!