WOW Jesus Floating Chlorinators

We would like to introduce a new product. Everyone knows we are a pool store. We are also a Christian bookstore. Yes, a pool store that sells Christian supplies. You can imagine all the questions we hear. Why is our number one question. Both businesses are very seasonal. They support each other. Kind of like God supports us. We have worked with pools for a long time now. Even before opening our store. But, we also wanted to provide something to our community that we didn’t have, a Christian bookstore. Yes, these are two completely different product lines but they are both dear to our hearts. We have pools and can’t live without Jesus! We can be your pool’s “lifeline” while telling you about our real lifeline: Jesus Christ! Trying to advertise and promote two businesses has been hard. We have searched for a product that could combine them. Something that would make our choices make sense. We have finally found it! Walking on water Jesus floating chlorinator! A chlorinator with Jesus on top! We love it! A product Christians can use to not only clean their pool but open up conversations that lead to witnessing opportunities. We will also donate $5.00 from each one sold to the Arc of Walker County Early Intervention program! Put a little faith in your pool and tell someone about Jesus!

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